Rośliny Oleiste –
Oilseed Crops Journal

From 2017, the journal IS NO LONGER ISSUED.

Archival issues of the journal are available at:
Rośliny Oleiste - Oilseed Crops (starting with Volume XIX of 1998).

ISSN 1233-8273 — original version
e-ISSN 2084-5057 — electronic version

Rośliny Oleiste – Oilseed Crops is an annual journal promoting a wide range of investigations on oil crops and their derivative products, addressed to both scientists and practitioners.

Rośliny Oleiste – Oilseed Crops are in terms of its specialty forum for scientific exchange, also international. The annual is published since 1985, initially as Zeszyty Problemowe IHAR „Wyniki Badań nad Rzepakiem” (Problem Notebooks of IHAR – “Results of Research on Oilseed Rape"), in 1993 as volume 5 and 6 of the journal “Postępy Nauk Rolniczych” (Progress of Agricultural Sciences), and since 1994 as "Rośliny Oleiste - Oilseed Crops."

Works are published in Polish or English with comprehensive summaries and descriptions of the tables and graphs in the second language.

The original version of annual "Rośliny Oleiste - Oilseed Crops" is a paper version. Electronic version is available beginning with volume XIX of 1998.

Rośliny Oleiste – Oilseed Crops are documented in:

  • • Plant Breeding Abstract (with summaries in English)
  • • Biuilletin GCIRC (Grupe Consultatif International de Recherche sur le Colza, Paris, France)
  • • The National Agricultural Library – AGRICOLA database Washington USA
  • • Polish Scietific Bibliography (PBN, POL-index)
  • • Index Copernicus International
  • • Baza AGRO – University of Life Sciences in Poznań

The full text of the publications in "Rośliny Oleiste - Oilseed Crops" is stored in electronic form also since 2007 by CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, Cambridge, UK) and available for a fee at

Rośliny Oleiste - Oilseed Crops are using the procedures developed by the Comittee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in the terms of ethics in publishing. Recommendations in the English version can be downloaded from this link.